Maximilian Krahn

Student Intern

Maximilian Krahn is a second-year Master student at the Aalto University in Finland, where he is majoring in Machine Learning, Data Science and AI. His research interests are in the broad area of Computer Vision. At the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science, he discovered his interest in the development of Computer Vision algorithms with Vladislav Golyanik as a supervisor. During his time at CYENS he further researched the social impact and inherited biases of Computer Vision algorithms. Maximilian aspires to a career in fair algorithm development. When he is not busy creating new algorithms he enjoys bouldering.


  • Saarland University, Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science
    Graduation: 2021
  • Aalto University, Master in Machine Learning, Data Science and AI
    Expected year of Graduation: 2023

Employment Duration: 6 Weeks

Project Worked On

I worked on the project of Image Tagger Analysis. There we analyzed how image taggers released by the big technology companies Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Clarifai, and Imagga tag images of human beings. This study was a consecutive study based on a study published in 2018. My responsibility during the project was to extend an existing dataset by gathering image tags for portraits from the Chicago Face dataset. In addition to replicating the 2018 study results, I used NLP techniques to find biases in the data and compared the findings with the results from the previous study.


The result of the project was a publication at the ICWSM 2022 with the title Shifting Our Awareness, Taking Back Tags: Temporal Changes in Computer Vision Services’ Social Behaviors.

Generated Publications

Generated Tools

  • ITAAuditToolbox (TBA)


"I really enjoyed working with the TAG/fAIre MRG during the summer of 2021 between my bachelors and masters studies. Spending the 6 weeks with the guidance of the people, who are invested in revealing the bias of current commercial computer vision algorithms helped me to become a better scientist. Especially I enjoyed the working environment at the research group in Nicosia. The openness and ambition of the team made my stay in Cyprus wonderful."
Maximilian Krahn
Student Intern