Antrea Chrysanthou

Student Intern

Hi, I am Antrea Chrysanthou. I have a Master’s in Interaction Technology (University of Twente) and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science (University of Cyprus). I currently live in the Netherlands where I work as a UX designer and a front-end web developer. When it comes to technology I’m also interested in designing for good and keeping accessibility in mind and this was further enhanced during my Master’s where I learned how we should center our designs, research and implementation around humans.


  • University of Twente, Master’s in Interaction Technology
    Year of graduation: 2021

  • University of Cyprus, Bachelor’s in Computer Science
    Year of graduation: 2019

Employment Duration: 3 Months (extended to an additional year through the Open University of Cyprus as a part-time web developer in collaboration between the CyCAT and CYENS TAG MRG teams.)

Project Worked On

Both of the projects that I worked on aimed to educate people on the biases that exist online, based on the users’ location, gender, etc. One of the projects was focused on creating a search engine while the second project was a representation of facebook. For both of the projects I developed the tools while also developing their admin panels. While I was working with the team we managed to complete an MVP of both tools while also publishing two research papers.

Generated Publications

Generated Tools

  • Bursting the Bubble: Tool for Awareness and Research about Overpersonalization in Information Access Systems

  • OPIAS: Over-Personalization in Information Access Systems


"CYENS was my first job in a company and I learned so much, from communicating with my colleagues, to proudly presenting my own work. I was exposed to so many great minds that were very excited to show what they were working on. Working on the projects with TAG made me challenge myself to create a product in a short amount of time, which strengthened my skills."
Antrea Chrysanthou
Student Intern