Assem Zhunis

Student Intern

Hey there! I am Assem. Currently, I am a CS Master’s student at KAIST university in South Korea. I do Data Science for living and for fun. Currently, I’m trying to apply AI/ML for mental health and well-being. My research interests include computational social science, social media, and big data in general.


  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Master’s in Computer Science
    Expected year of graduation: 2024

  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Bachelor’s in Computer Science
    Year of graduation: 2022

Employment Duration: 3 months

Project Worked On

This summer I worked on the project titled “Political Personalization on Twitter Upon Russo-Ukranian War”. In this project, I tried to understand how leaders and countries are associated with each other during international disasters among the English-speaking Twitter users. I was responsible for conceptualizing the idea, collecting and preprocessing the data, running the analysis and writing the first draft of the manuscript for submission. With the help of my mentor, we were able to submit the work to ICWSM 2023 and are still waiting for the reviews.


"Although I worked online, I really enjoyed the work process. I was provided with all resources needed and always received instant replies if I needed help. I am really grateful to Jahna and Stella for their precious feedback and mentorship during the process. I sincerely hope to visit CYENS one day offline and have a chance to meet every member of the team in person."
Assem Zhunis
Student Intern